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When companies and individual sales professionals are looking for new ways to create a distinction in sales – they call Jeff Beals!

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“When AUTHENTICITY is coupled with an incredibly HIGH AMOUNT OF ENERGY, HUMOR and ENGAGEMENT
– you get Jeff!”

-Wayne Teig, Board Member, International Facilities Management Association, Minneapolis, MN

Jeff Beals helps companies find better prospects, close more deals and capture greater market share.

Meet Jeff Beals

Jeff Beals is an international award-winning author, sought-after keynote speaker and accomplished sales consultant. As an active member of the National Speakers Association and Global Speakers Federation, he shows you how to streamline your sales process, stand out in a competitive environment and increase your sales velocity. Jeff delivers keynote speeches, sales workshops and interactive webinars for companies and associations worldwide. 

A frequent media guest, Jeff has been featured in many leading publications and writes the “Sales Shape-Up,“ a weekly newsletter that helps more than 18,000 sales professionals stay on top of their game. Jeff has more than 25 years in sales-leadership positions and is the founder of the “Sales Leadership Mastermind Group,” a peer advisory program designed specifically for Chief Sales Officers. As a coach, he helps sales leaders develop strategy, build high-performing teams and hold their sales reps accountable.

To thrive in a competitive market contact Jeff Beals today, at (402) 637-9300 or

“His ability to connect with an audience is nothing short of extraordinary!”

-– Alison Cody, Executive Director, Manufacturer’s Agents Association for the Food Service Industry, Atlanta, GA

Sales Keynotes, Workshops & Webinars

“THE KEY to making a winning sales pitch is to paint a picture in the prospective client’s mind and TELL A GOOD STORY.” – Jeff Beals

A natural storyteller, Jeff engages and motivates audience members through his detailed-yet-entertaining presentations on sales, marketing and personal branding. Voted one of the “Top 41 Motivational Speakers Who Can Energize Any Sales Team” by, Jeff Beals leaves audience members pondering the topic long after the presentation has ended.

Jeff Beals’ presentations are humorous, energetic and full of cutting-edge information that is customized to meet your organization’s needs. Audience members leave his presentations feeling educated, entertained and energized allowing them to do more business and improve their success immediately.

Schedule Jeff Beals for your conferences, annual meetings and training sessions today. For details on how Jeff Beals can inspire your team, contact us at (402) 637-9300 or

“You know it’s a good presentation when people are talking about it days later!”

-– Samantha Mosser, Regional President, Union Bank & Trust

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See why Jeff Beals is the #1 choice keynote speaker for developing your personal brand, generating new pipelines, goal-based networking and improving your close ratio.

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What makes Jeff’s presentations different.

"He rallied the crowd with his dynamic speaking style and the effortless way he tailored the subject to his audience."

– Shari B. Hockenbery, CMP, Program Specialist, Francis Family Foundation , Kansas City, MO/p>


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Coaching, Consulting & Strategic Advising

Sales coaching can make the difference between an average year and a record setter! Creating a strong sales culture starts at the top! Effective sales leaders know they must strive for continuous improvement to stay ahead of the competition, never resting on the previous year or quarter’s success.

Jeff Beals & Associates works with companies, senior leaders and top producers as consultants, coaches, strategists or advisers to your company’s leadership and sales marketing team. Jeff helps sales leaders streamline their sales processes, overcome challenges, build resistance and increase their effectiveness and efficiency to reach their maximum potential.

If you believe your organization could benefit from consulting services, or you are personally looking for a sales or leadership coach to become a more effective sales leader, contact Jeff today at (402) 637-9300 or to define a clear path to reach your goals.

“Thank you…our sales rep was awarded with #1 in account sales nationally!”

– Stephen Sheriff, President, Stratus Building Solutions, Austin, TX

Streamline your sales processes to gain a competitive edge:

Sales Process & Team Analysis

Analyze current sales processes to understand every stage of your system. Diagnose and optimize the systems to keep sales flowing and increase conversion rates.

Sales Strategy & Coaching

Identify sales team strengths, weaknesses and gaps in the sales process, increasing rep follow up and closing rates.

Motivational Presentations

Conduct specialized training programs, workshops and webinars as a group and/or individual coaching that lead to higher productivity, more sales, and greater customer satisfaction.

Social Proof: How to Get Glowing Testimonials & Valuable Referrals

“Social proof can literally be the difference between success and failure in today’s ultra-competitive selling environment.” – Jeff Beals

In this quick-reading eBook, learn how winning and losing can actually come down to little things like references and testimonials. Make sure your sales arsenal is stocked with this powerful FREE sales tool!

Sales Leadership does not need to be an lonely existence!

Sales Leader Mastermind Group

One of the best ways a sales leader can achieve and maintain high-level success is to have a peer group of fellow sales experts who act as your own executive advisory board that can provide guidance and support.

The Jeff Beals & Associates’ Sales Leader Mastermind Group is a facilitated peer advisory program designed specifically for sales leaders and business owners who oversee sales functions. One of the mottos of this group is, “We work together to increase the size of the pie rather than fighting for pieces of a smaller pie.”

If you’re interested in joining an elite group of executive sales leaders, who leverage each other’s expertise to dramatically create a stronger sales culture, attract talented sales reps and drive more revenue grow, then click here to apply now!

Ready to move forward? Contact Jeff Beals at 402-637-9300 –

“Thank you…we are bringing back clients in a big way, and chasing even bigger ones!”

– Brent Pohlman, President, Midwest Laboratories, Inc.

The Sales Leader Mastermind group is designed to:


Connect with other highly motivated, fellow sales experts who act as your own executive advisory board, who take a personal interest in your long-term success.

Find Answers

A safe environment where you can address your private concerns with people who understand the unique pressures that come with being a sales leader.


Get transformative ideas for your company by collaborating with people who face the same sales victories and challenges you do.


Share Solutions

Get your peers’ perspectives on how your team can prospect more efficiently, increase conversion rates and generate greater revenue.