Advice for Contacting Prospective Clients

by | May 1, 2020 | Sales Motiviation

We don’t want to be tone deaf when we talk to current or prospective clients, but that doesn’t mean our communication should lack substance.

Hard-sell tactics are not typically effective, and they are even less so in times like this. Because of that, some people are recommending that client communication should be soft, sensitive and relationship-centric such as this:

“Hey, I’m just calling to check in with you and see if you’re okay. I’m thinking of you and wanted to see how you’re doing. I know this is a difficult time to make decisions, so just know that I’m here for you when you do need our services.”

That message is really nice, and it feels good to hear and say. But there’s a problem; while the message is high on positive feelings, it’s devoid of content value. In other words, you’re lacking an actual reason to call. Even during times of uncertainty and doubt, people expect you to provide them with something of value when you call.

What are those things of value? What are some reasons or excuses to call?

  1. The economy and its effects on their business
  2. How government actions and business incentives (stimulus package) affect companies
  3. Industry “insider information:” trends, happenings and rumors
  4. Threats that they might soon face especially if related to what you sell
  5. Unforeseen or unanticipated opportunities especially if related to your product or service
  6. Information about their competitors
  7. Truthful information that is compelling and applicable to them

Here are two sample phone messages a sales professional might use to communicate with a client in order to tastefully prospect during the current crisis. In this first sample, the sales rep is calling the owner of a mid-sized manufacturing company:

“Hi John. I was thinking of you wanted to see how you’re holding up in these crazy times. You and I talked about your supply chain concerns before the pandemic. Well, now we’re seeing many of those concerns become reality. I have talked to many other manufacturers that have come up with some pretty creative solutions. I don’t know whether these ideas will apply to your operations, but give me a call, so I can at least tell you what I learned talking to those other companies.”

In this second sample message, the sales rep is calling a person who owns multiple restaurants:

“Hi Sandra. Hope you’re doing well and getting used to working at home by now. I was thinking of you and wanted chat about a couple things. One of those things is restaurant space. I know you were thinking about adding a sushi concept to your portfolio. Well, we’ve been hearing that a huge number of restaurants are not going to reopen after the quarantine ends. It looks like there’ll be a lot of space on the market that strong operators like you can take advantage of.”

In both the examples above, the sales rep accomplished two goals in making those calls:

  1. The messages were tasteful/sensitive during a period of uncertainty. Meanwhile the calls probably helped strengthen the relationship between the sales rep and the client.
  2. The messages provided something of value to the client and were presumably interesting or intriguing. There was a content-value reason to call instead of just trying to make everyone feel good.

Relationships are golden, but as you build those relationships, always have a good excuse to call.

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