Trust in Sales Is NOT a One-Way Street

By Jeff Beals

Just as you must earn your prospects’ trust in order to sign deals, they should earn yours too.

Trust should always go both ways. Trust is a two-way street.

Trust ought to be reciprocal, because that means the business relationship can move forward with speed and ease. Keep in mind that landing a new client requires you and your company to make commitments to that client especially in a B2B environment. Those commitments cost time, money and other resources.  You might not want to make those commitments if you don’t trust the client will hold up its end of the bargain and be loyal to you (assuming you do a good job or provide quality products/services).

Ask yourself a question: What makes your best clients so valuable to you?

Think about that. When most sales professionals answer that question, they quickly say “trust!”

That’s a great answer, but enjoying a highly trusting relationship with a client means you can tell that client whatever they need to hear without worrying that they’ll dump you for your competitor. Your best clients become valuable to you and stay loyal to you, because so much trust exists.  That in turn allows you to say “no” when the client needs to hear it.

Not only does trust make business easier, it frankly makes it worthwhile.

Those who flourish in a sales career for many years endure because they put a premium on people. They build trusting relationships not just to make more money but because it’s also the right thing to do. Healthy, enjoyable, trusting relationships increase your job satisfaction, your longevity and ultimately, your effectiveness.

Elite sales professionals are in business for their clients. Ordinary ones are in business for themselves.

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