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A Story of Persistence

By Jeff Beals

An Air Force brat, Billy McGuigan grew up in a musical family. For much of McGuigan’s childhood, the family was stationed at Fort Benning in Georgia. When his tech-sergeant dad would come home from duty in South Korea or other far-off places, he would entertain little Billy and his two younger brothers by playing Beatles songs on his guitar.  Those were good times celebrating dad’s return with music and laughter.

Eventually, McGuigan learned those songs himself, both the lyrics and the guitar chords. Unbeknownst at the time, those informal music sessions in the McGuigan living room sparked a love of performing that eventually led to a successful career in music.

Today, McGuigan is CEO of Rave On Productions. Along with his brothers, he tours nationally year-round performing high-energy shows based on the Beatles and Buddy Holly. Business is booming; the McGuigan brothers are selling out venues and delighting their rapidly expanding fan base.

But as you would expect, the road from family-room performer to national touring artist wasn’t always smooth.

When McGuigan was 10 years old, he enrolled in acting classes at the historic Springer Opera House in Columbus, Georgia.  The beloved Springer is a 146-year-old landmark and has been named the official theatre of the state of Georgia.

Shortly after starting the acting class, McGuigan was forced to leave when it was discovered that his mom’s check had bounced. Money was tight for a young Air Force family, and acting classes turned out to be a little too expensive at that time.

McGuigan was heartbroken and probably embarrassed too.  As you can imagine that memory and the related feelings stuck with him even as he grew up, moved to a different city and started his career.

Twenty-eight years later, as professional musician, McGuigan got a gig at the Springer. He performed his interactive Beatles show. The sold-out crowd paid $38 a ticket to get in. Like all of McGuigan’s shows, it was a big hit with the audience.

What must it have felt like performing on that grand old stage where he was once kicked out of an acting class? McGuigan confessed to being somewhat nervous before the show, but more important than the nerves was the feeling of accomplishment, the feeling of overcoming.

Redemption makes for a compelling story. So does perseverance.  It’s also a great story when a young person grows up, returns home and vanquishes the ghosts of his youth.  More importantly, McGuigan’s story is a reminder to persevere, to stay positive in the face of disappointment.

As grown professionals, our problems tend to be weightier than the frustration a 10-year-old feels when his family can’t afford acting classes. Nevertheless, you never know what future glory can happen to you in the exact venue where you once experienced defeat.

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