“Your talent as a speaker and your qualities as a person made the difference.”

– Ana Paula Costa, Educational Planner, Febracorp, Sao Paulo, Brazil

“ If you’ve never heard him speak, make it a priority!”

– Roland Bates, President, National Property Inspections, Inc.

“Jeff hit it out of the park by sharing a combination of real market strategies and anecdotal life experiences.”

– Shari B. Hockenbery, CMP, Program Specialist, Francis Family Foundation, Kansas City, MO

Consulting, Coaching & Strategic Advising Services

Clearing problems that hinder sales performance.

Jeff Beals & Associates works with companies both large and small as consultants, coaches, strategists and advisers to your company’s leadership and sales marketing team. We serve as that outside perspective, building processes, sales training programs and coaching sessions to help you streamline your business for success. At any given time, Jeff personally coaches a handful of senior leaders and selected top producers. In addition to Jeff, we have affiliated coaches and consultants who occasionally serve our clients.

Jeff maximizes your sales team’s potential for success, creating winning sales strategies to overcome setbacks that allows sales reps to be more effective in the following areas:


Create a recession-resistant book of business.


Overcome call reluctance and prospect engagement.


Increase high-quality leads.


Get the appointment.


Speed up your sales cycles.


Increase close rates with quality clients.


Overcome stagnant growth.

If you are ready to define a clear path for reaching your goals, then let’s talk!

If you believe your organization could benefit from consulting services, or you are personally looking for a sales or leadership coach, the first step is to schedule an exploratory telephone conversation. We’ll figure out the right path from there. For more information, call us at (402) 637-9300 or email Info@Jeffbeals.com.

“Thank you…our sales rep was awarded with #1 in account sales nationally!”

– Stephen Sheriff, President, Stratus Building Solutions, Austin, TX 

SALES IS THE LIFEBLOOD OF EVERY COMPANY, because without a robust sales operation, a company eventually ceases to exist. If you have COMPETENT LEADERSHIP and a COMMITMENT to constantly prospect, it is difficult to fail as a sales professional.”

– Jeff Beals

Go deeper into the sales process.

Consulting and coaching services are a great way to go deeper after a Jeff Beals training workshop, making sure that selling lessons and recommended changes become permanently rooted. Diving into deeper conversations about vision and strategy with a true partner who understands best-in-class sales practices and development strategies. The scope and breadth of these services vary greatly depending on the company, industry and individual professionals involved.

Sales Process & Team Analysis

  • Assessing your company’s current sales team/processes, while identifying sales rep strengths, weaknesses or gaps in the sales process.
  • Diagnose and optimize the systems that keep sales flowing.
  • Recommend systems and training changes that will result in higher conversion rates.

Sales Strategy Development

  • Providing strategic advice and collaboration to the leadership team.
  • Creating strategic and/or tactical sales plans.
  • Streamline your organization’s sales strategy with business objectives and tools to ensure maximum sales performance.


Sales Coaching & Consulting

  • Serving as your personal leadership adviser and/or confidant.
  • Coaching sales managers and guiding reps individually or as a group.
  • Sales team quality improvement, increasing rep follow-up and close rates.

Sales Motivation Presentations

  • Conducting specialized training programs, workshops and/or webinars.
  • Increase retention and efficiency of sales reps.
  • Ensure your sales team is ready to perform at a high level to ensure maximum sales performance.

“Great takeways regarding how to network smarter!”

– Jason Booker, Senior Director of Corporate Sponsorships, Kansas City Royals, Kansas City, MO

Develop new, non in-bound leads.

“In the three months since Jeff Beals became my sales-and-leadership coach, I have signed over 20 new, top-tier clients and have positioned myself among the top three sales producers in my company nationwide. Jeff has helped me create a beneficial success plan and ensures, through an accountability process, that I’m actively accomplishing my goals. Not only is Jeff an incredible coach, he’s a true friend, mentor and wonderful human being.”

– Carter Green, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Stratus Building Solutions, Oklahoma City, OK

Jeff Beals Can Be a Part of Your Team

Let’s talk about your most pressing sales or sales management issues. Please fill out the form below to schedule an exploratory telephone conversation. For more information, contact us at (402) 637-9300 or info@jeffbeals.com.