Here’s Why You Should Think Like a Real Estate Agent

by | Nov 13, 2015 | Sales Motiviation

By Jeff Beals


There is a real estate sales concept known as “farming” in which residential real estate agents choose a certain geographic area to place particular emphasis. It typically is one neighborhood or subdivision consisting of a few hundred houses. This area becomes the real estate agent’s “farm.”


There’s nothing to stop such a real estate agent from doing deals outside her “farm” in a variety of neighborhoods throughout the city, but she places particular prospecting focus on the one neighborhood. She memorizes all the houses in that subdivision and tries to get to know all the current owners. She becomes the specialist or expert in that neighborhood. She makes sure every homeowner in her “farm” has calendars, pens and other tchotchkes with her name and contact information on them. If the neighborhood has a Fourth of July parade or a block party, she’s there.


The hope is that anyone thinking of selling a house in the neighborhood would think of the agent and list the house with that expert agent.


There are other forms of real estate “farming.” Some agents “farm” an organization like Rotary or a country club as a way of finding clients. Farms don’t necessarily have to be geographic.


Professionals of any industry can learn a lot from real estate farming not just from a selling perspective but from a personal branding or self-promotion perspective.


While professionals like you and me probably won’t focus on a residential subdivision as we build our personal brands, there is a lot to be gained by farming your industry or your community.


Real estate agents, as well as salespeople in a variety of other fields, should develop spheres of interest. These would be groups of people they work with, socialize with or share some other common interest. These spheres of interest help salespeople find new clients.


Having a sphere of interest is similarly important for anyone trying to build a bigger and better personal brand, because just like a real estate agent you too are selling. What’s the difference? You’re selling yourself.

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