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Jeff’s presentations combine humor and storytelling with actionable, real-world content that you and your colleagues can implement the very next day. Schedule Jeff for your conference, sales rally or training session by calling (402) 637-9300 or Info@JeffbealscomIf you are looking for a speaker that will capture the essence of the event and relate well to the audience, Jeff Beals will deliver!

“Jeff has “walked the talk” and has a great message to share!”

– Steve Pike, Head of Sales & Marketing, Rob-See-Co, Elkhorn, NE

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Promoting Your Company

Technology Creates More Jobs Than It Kills

The Reason It’s Difficult to Attract People to Your Company

A Celebrity in Your Own Sphere of Interest

Life at a Stand-Up Comedy Club

So What Do You Do for a Living?

Personal Branding & Networking

Why Personal Branding & Networking Are so Powerful

Jeff Beals Speaks to Creighton University Students about Networking & Personal Branding!

Social Media Advice for Young Professionals from Jeff Beals

Jeff Beals Advises Young Professionals on Social Media.

Personal Branding Advice

Jeff Beals Closes a Speech at Creighton University with Final Advice on Personal Branding.

The Biggest Secret to Getting the Job

As you go through the hiring process, convince the hiring manager that he or she can’t live without you.

Calm Your Job Interview Nerves

“The Famous Rice Pilaf Interview” – Jeff Beals Tells Creighton University Students about a disastrous interview from early in his career

Be the Solution to the Manager’s Hiring Problem

Successful job seekers prove they are the solution to the hiring manager’s problem.

Nobody Hires Someone They Don’t Like

Jeff Beals Speaks to Creighton University Students about Networking & Personal Branding.

Trust & Value

Discovering the Meaning of Client Value

Jeff Beals tells an audience of real estate brokers in New York City about an eye-opening perspective he once received on how to discover what prospective clients really value.

Never Assume What the Client Values

Jeff Beals uses a unique story to explain why successful sales professionals can never assume what a prospective client truly values.

Sales Opportunities are Found Everywhere

Jeff Beals shares a story that illustrates why sales professionals should always be on the lookout. Opportunities can be found seemingly everywhere.

Storytelling is One of the Most Powerful Selling Tools

Jeff Beals uses a story to show an audience of real estate agents in New York City why story-telling is one of the most effective tools in a sales professional’s arsenal.

Goal Based Networking

Pair & Trio Busting Is an Essential Networking Skill

Jeff Beals shows you how to be a pair or trio buster when you attend networking functions by yourself.

Turn Your Socializing into Profitable Business Relationships

Jeff Beals explains the difference between “socializing” and true “networking.” While socializing is still beneficial in both business and life, Beals argues that networking is far more efficient and effective.

Self Marketing Power

Communicating Your Area of Self Marketing Expertise

Jeff Beals discusses the right way and the wrong way to communicate your area of self marketing expertise when someone comes up to you at a cocktail party and asks, “So what do you do?”

Live Actively While Focusing Externally

Jeff Beals explains why living actively and focusing externally are critical to personal branding success.

Selling Saturdays

Ask Probing Questions & Don’t Panic When You Hear the Word “No”

Jeff Beals speaks explains how to ask probing questions and how to overcome objections by not panicking when you hear the word “no.”

Determining Client Value the Way Football Coaches Do

See & Hear Jeff Beals explain to a group of real estate managers at a Coldwell Banker conference in New York the importance of determining what the prospect truly values.

Football Is a Perfect Analogy for Sales & Recruiting

Jeff Beals explains the origin of “Selling Saturdays” and why football provides an outstanding metaphor for sales professionals who want to improve effectiveness.

Going the Extra Mile to Close the Deal

Jeff Beals speaking clip from presentation titled “Selling Saturdays: Blue Chip Sales Tips from College Football.”

How to Close Sales

Professional speaker and award-winning author Jeff Beals explains that closing the deal is a formality if you have followed the right steps.

Make a Prospect Feel Like Nobody Else Matters More

To land the big sale, do something special to show prospects how much you value them.

Objections Are Really Cries for Help

Jeff Beals explains that successful sales reps need to anticipate objections and realize that most objections are disguised cries for help.

Why Assumptions Can Kill Your Deal

Jeff Beals speaking clip: Story from “Selling Saturdays” presentation shows why making assumptions can kill your selling efforts.