“It’s a no-brainier to get involved in a group like this.”

– Alan Johnson, VP of Business Development, FocusOne Solutions, a C & A Industries Company

“We are bringing back clients in a big way, and chasing even bigger ones.”

– Brent Pohlmon, President, Midwest Laboratories, Inc.

“You become a valuable resource for each other.”

– Jason Thiellen, Chief Executive Officer, E & A Consulting Group, Inc.

Sales Leader Mastermind Group

“If CEO’s Benefit From Mastermind Groups, Shouldn’t Sales Leaders Too?”

CEO’s have long taken advantage of mastermind groups, because leading a company is stressful, and it can be a lonely experience. But the same is true for sales leaders. That’s why CSO’s, VP’s of sales, CRO’s and General Sales Managers are joining mastermind groups in droves these days. By finally getting the support they need, sales leaders are recruiting better reps, developing more effective strategies and holding their teams accountable.

Jeff Beals & Associates proudly offers the Sales Leader Mastermind Group, an intense, year-long leadership development program razor focused on leaders who personally oversee sales functions at their companies.  The group has literally changed the trajectory of multiple companies since it was implemented in 2017.

The Sales Leader Mastermind Group is limited to one company per industry to protect against competitive information begin shared.  The group ranges in size from 8 to 10 members.

We are now recruiting for the Sales Leader Mastermind Group’s 2019-2020 class which will begin on Thursday, November 7, 2019. Save your spot!


“Being a sales leader can BE AN LONELY EXISTENCE. There are simply not a lot of places you can go to seek guidance without exposing your personal concerns and weaknesses inside your company. When you become part of the Sales Leader Mastermind, YOU’LL NO LONGER BE ON A DESERTED ISLAND!”

-Jeff Beals

What’s a Mastermind Group?

Mastermind groups are relatively new to most people, according to Forbes, even though Napoleon Hill created the concept more than 75 years ago with his classic book, Think and Grow Rich.

A mastermind group is designed to help you navigate through challenges using the collective intelligence of others.

How does a mastermind work? A group of smart people meets regularly to tackle challenges and problems together. They lean on each other, give advice, share connections and do business with each other when appropriate. It’s very much peer-to-peer mentoring, and if you are fortunate enough to join a good one, you will almost certainly see a marked change in yourself and your business.

A Mastermind group is designed to:


A peer group of highly motivated fellow sales experts who share a common desire to excel, who act as your own executive advisory board.

Share Solutions

Act faster than you ever could on your own with a road map created specifically for you that takes into consideration what others know to work.


A space to ask yourself tough questions, to up your game, and learn from others’ journeys.

Find Answers

Provides a space to unpack difficult puzzles and dig into the challenges you’re working through without exposing weaknesses in direct ear of your competitors.

The Legendary business author Jim Rohn once said, “YOU ARE THE AVERAGE OF THE FIVE PEOPLE YOU SPEND TIME WITH.” If that’s the case, shouldn’t you be spending mutually beneficial time with talented, hard-working sales leaders who have an interest in SEEING YOU SUCCEED?

-Jeff Beals

What’s Unique about the Sales Leader Mastermind Group?

It’s an advisory group for people who lead sales teams/functions offered by Jeff Beals & Associates.

When you become part of Jeff Beals & Associates’ Sales Mastermind Group, “you’ll no longer be on a desert island!” You’ll be part of a confidential group, personally facilitated by internationally recognized sales-thought leader with decades of sales and leadership experience: Jeff Beals. 


Benefits of Membership.


There’s something energizing knowing you’re no longer alone! You’ll be part of a confidential group of sales leaders who act as your “personal board of directors”, that understands your objectives and helps you celebrate your wins.


Gain new perspectives from a fresh set of eyes and knowledge that can be invaluable to successful decision making related to the entire sales process, such as prospecting, qualifying, presenting, forecasting, nurturing, closing and negotiation. 


A mastermind group can stretch your mind, build your network and provide transformative ideas for your company by learning about the victories and challenges sales leaders face in industries different than your own.


A safe environment where you can address your private concerns and unpack difficult challenges you’re working through with people who understand the unique pressures that come with being a sales leader.


You get advice and coaching when it comes to recruiting, hiring, motivating and disciplining sales reps – without exposing your personal concerns or weaknesses inside your company. 


Sales Leaders are inspired to act at a higher level and avoid procrastination because their peers are holding them accountable to the goals and objectives stated. 

“Get ready to learn new ideas, build up your professional capabilities and boost your sales team’s revenue!”

What does the Mastermind Entail?

Quarterly Meetings

A full-day, in-person meeting once per quarter. All meetings are held in convenient, low-cost Omaha, Nebraska. Meals and refreshments provided. These meetings will include instruction specifically customized for sales leaders but most of the day will be spent in facilitated, peer-to-peer discussion.

Private Coaching Session

Members will also engage in a private coaching session with Jeff Beals to discuss what their assessment results mean for them and possible actions the member may want to take based on the results.

Monthly Accountability Calls

We will hold a virtual meeting each month in which there is no in-person quarterly meeting. These calls will feature the
peer-to-peer discussions that are part of the quarterly meetings.

Direct Email & Telephone Support

As a mastermind member, you have perpetual access to Jeff Beals for sales-and-leadership support when you need it.

Sales Team Accelerator Guide

Members will complete the Jeff Beals & Associates’ proprietary “Sales Team Accelerator” and “Team Accountability Guide,” exclusive sales management tools designed to help leaders maximize the effectiveness of the sales team.

Sales Training For Your Team

Each member receives one complimentary sales training session for their team personally delivered by Jeff Beals. These can be held in person or via a webinar platform.

Why should you join?

Too many sales leaders feel like they’re “hung out to dry!” What would be possible if the people around you refused to let you fail? How much would your career accelerate if you could boost your strategy, process and execution to where you’ve always wanted them to be?

One of the greatest outcomes members receive from the group is the discussion of their leadership challenges they are currently facing as well as ideas or initiatives they are considering.

Our goal is to effectively and efficiently lead you through a journey that delivers outcomes in:


Increased sales and convergence rates.


Improved leadership skills.


Gain a stronger peer group of advisers.


Achieve personal lifestyle goals.

“The phrase iron sharpens iron is definitely true in business.”

– Jeff Beals


“One of the most POWERFUL TOOLS FOR SUCCESS is the process of a mastermind group. I don’t know anybody who has become super successful who has not employed the PRINCIPLE OF MASTERMINDING.”

– Jack Canfield, Best-Selling Author

Here’s what leaders like you are saying:

Spending time with other successful sales leaders leads to new revenue strategies...

“As a leader in your organization, it can be hard to go to other people and ask certain questions or bring up sensitive issues. When you join a group of people who are in the same roles at their companies, the creative energy flows and new ideas come about. Spending time with other successful sales leaders leads to new revenue strategies and the type of candid feedback that’s really effective. It’s a no-brainier to get involved in a group like this.”

– Alan Johnson Vice President of Business Development, FocusOne Solutions, a C & A Industries Company 

We are bringing back clients in a big way, and chasing even bigger ones...

“I can’t tell you how much I have learned this year. We are killing it on the sales side. We are bringing back clients in a big way, and chasing even bigger ones. It’s a great story of learning from mistakes and getting focused. Thank you again for leading our Sales Mastermind Group. It has really been a valuable experience for me, and I’ve made some close connections with members of the group.”

– Brent Pohlmon President, Midwest Laboratories, Inc.

You become a valuable resource for each other...

“In the mastermind, I can bounce ideas off a group of high-level people and discuss how to handle strategic items, personnel issues or company initiatives. The idea is for each of us to throw a subject on the table, and then a group of your peers analyzes it and provides feedback. You get to know each other very well and form a deep bond, which means you become a valuable resource for each other.”

– Jason Thiellen Chief Executive Officer, E & A Consulting Group, Inc.

An investment in your future.

Can you afford to participate in this Mastermind? Yes, if you’re serious about your future!

An annual investment of $7,500 per member is due at the time of registration to reserve your spot. There is NO initiation fee. Don’t worry – members have the option of dividing the annual investment into quarterly or monthly payments billed automatically to a credit card for a small service fee.

One of your fundamental responsibilities as a sales leader is to secure whatever resources are necessary for the sales team to succeed. Similarly, the most successful professionals invest in themselves. You need to make bold moves to succeed in a hyper-competitive marketplace. The time and money you invest in this Mastermind Group is tiny compared to the value of your long-term goals.




Annual Investment Per Member

Includes one-year access to the Sales Leader Mastermind Group. Contact us for full membership details.

Payment Plan Available.

Save your spot – space is limited!




Join the Sales Leader Mastermind Group and candidly share challenges and collaborate on initiatives in a strictly confidential environment. This allows you to expedite solutions and maximize results at your company. If you’ve ever been frustrated with your sales team and wondered how you could be a better sales leader, this group could make a huge difference for you just as it has for many other sales leaders.

JOIN TODAY:  If you’re interested in joining an elite group of executive sales leaders, who leverage each other’s expertise to dramatically grow and transform their businesses, apply now!

2019-2020 CLASS: We are now recruiting for the Sales Leader Mastermind Group’s 2019-2020 class which will begin on Thursday, November 7, 2019. Save your spot and fill out an application today.

QUESTIONS? Contact Jeff Beals at 402-637-9300Jeff@Jeffbeals.com.

“The next best thing to being wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are”.

– C.S. Lewis, Legendary Novelist

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