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by | Feb 3, 2023 | Sales Motiviation

NOTE FROM JEFF: I’m running a guest column today written by Brandon Bornancin, author of the brand-new book, Ultimate Guide to Breaking Into Tech Sales and Founder/CEO of Seamless.AI. Even if you have no interest in tech, you’ll get a lot of value out of this. Enjoy!

By Brandon Bornancin

The vast majority of the most successful people in the world are salespeople, have a background in sales, or they spent a significant amount of their time mastering sales.

Don’t believe me? Check this out. There are 3,311 billionaires and over 62 million millionaires. Only 10% of the 3,311 billionaires inherited their money from their families. The rest are ultra-successful salespeople and entrepreneurs who had to sell something to someone every day to grow their business. These billionaires and millionaires are selling their products, their company, their vision, and their ideas to someone else all the time.

Selling never ends for the ultra-wealthy and successful. Why is this the case? Why are there so many millionaires and billionaires who are salespeople?

It’s because sales is the only job where you can go from broke to financially free the fastest, and do it with little to no professional education or experience. I sincerely believe that sales is the best career in the world for this reason alone! This is a career where you can become great at serving others, helping others, and selling others. And by perfecting this craft, you help people get everything they want in life and in turn, you get everything you want in this life.

Everything in Life Is a Sale

Whether you want to believe it or not, everything in life is a sale. And the quicker you master this secret to success, the quicker you will get everything you want in business and in life. If you are great at sales, you will get your way and close the sale. But if you are bad at sales, other people will get their way and close you on the sale.

Everything in life is a sale, and sales isn’t just an exchange of money. Sales can be an exchange of ideas, solutions, agreements, or decisions. Some of the greatest sales I’ve ever made had nothing to do with money and everything to do with sharing my point of view with someone and persuading them to agree with me. One of the main reasons why people try but often fail in tech sales is because they don’t get sold on why sales is the greatest job in the world, and they never truly grasp the core fundamentals that everything in life is a sale.

Here are some examples of different kinds of sales that are happening 24/7 to everyone around the world, regardless of your professional or personal experience. Even though these are everyday situations, your ability to sell always determines your level of success or failure in these scenarios.

Getting a Raise
No one is going to give you a raise or a promotion just because you want one. To get a raise, you need to sell the employer on why they should increase their budget and investment in you. I’ve hired thousands of people, and whenever an employee asks for a raise, I ask myself, “Are the results and impact far greater than what we are investing in them?”

Your goal is to sell the employer on the results you’ve delivered in the past and the big impact your future actions will deliver. If you sell the manager on the value you provide, you get the raise. If not, you stay stuck at the same salary rate.

Getting Someone to Agree With You
Let’s say you’re debating with someone, and you’re trying to convince them to not only admit they are wrong, but to also take your side. To make this happen, you need exceptional selling skills. You have to persuade them to be open-minded, and then you have to present the evidence that closes them to agree with you. Getting anyone to take your side about anything is a sale.

Getting a New Job
To get a new job, you have to sell yourself to the employer on all the value you can bring to the table if you joined the company. You have to sell them through your resume, through your interview answers, through your appearance, and through your confidence. The company is then going to evaluate and weigh the potential impact you can make. As an employer, I almost always hire the person who sells me and convinces me that they’re the perfect candidate for the job. They could just be starting in their field, but if they sell me on their work ethic and the returns they can deliver, I will pick them every day over someone with tons of experience but no sales skills.

Sales Is Necessary for Success

If you thought only salespeople have mastered selling, you totally thought wrong. Sales is a life skill that all of the most successful people in the world have mastered.

Look at anyone in this world who’s a top performer in their industry, and you will see a common trend: They’re experts at selling others on their ideas, thoughts, vision, opinions, and mission. They sold others on their ideas and closed sales with people to support them to make their dreams a reality.

All the success in the world exists because someone was good at sales and able to get others to support their ideas. The ability to sell others and get them to believe in you is one of the top secrets to success.

When you know how to sell to get what you want in life, this is when you can truly serve others and make a positive impact.

No matter who you are, what you do, where you come from, what your background is, or whether you have a college degree or not… you’re either making sales or losing sales. The faster you understand and embody this success principle, the faster you will maximize your success in business, relationships, and life.

If you are a great salesperson. If you have the critical thinking skills and the communication skills to push the odds in your favor in every situation in life, you will be able to achieve your greatest success and your greatest potential. If you don’t want to leave your career, your success, and your life in the hands of “luck,” “hope,” and “wishful thinking,” you have to learn how to persuade, how to influence, and how to sell.

Why You Should Get a Job in Tech Sales

One of the many reasons I love tech sales and why you should too is because it’s repeatable, predictable, and scalable. I call this the ultimate trifecta.

Albert Einstein once said, “Compounding interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it earns it; he who doesn’t, pays it.”

I love this quote. But I believe that the 8th wonder of the world is actually tech sales, and here’s why.

If you can close 1 sale in tech, you can quickly close 10 sales. If you can close 10 sales in tech, you can quickly close 100 sales. If you can close 100, you can easily multiply it and close 1,000.

Let’s say you make $100,000 in tech sales. If you put in the hard work, dedication, and motivation. And if you have the technologies I will share with you as well as the training… you can easily make $1,000,000,000 in tech sales like I did. Tech sales is the only job that is highly repeatable, predictable, and scalable to millions.

If you want to go from broke to financially free, then getting a job and mastering tech sales is the answer!

To learn more about Brandon’s new book, click HERE.

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