Eight Things to Consider before Communicating to Prospects

by | Jun 19, 2014 | Sales Motiviation

By Jeff Beals

Before you start communicating with prospective clients, make sure you have addressed the following eight things:

1.  Your communication plan should be designed only after you have established the core message that needs to be conveyed to prospective clients.

2.  Communication tactics should address eight key concerns buyers have about your product: saves money; makes money; reduces stress; saves time; is easy to use; provides security; boosts ego; makes them feel good about themselves .

3. If you want to make an impression, your marketing-message frequency may have to be higher than you ever imagined .

4. To stand out among a sea of marketing mailers, try using an odd shape or size or even pop a letter in a FedEx envelope .

5. Just because you have new communication technology doesn’t mean you can stray from proven, bed-rock principles of marketing .

6. During early sales calls, establish rapport . Focus on relationship building in later calls .

7. Because prospects return fewer than 10 percent of sales- oriented voicemails, make them interesting and never say you’re calling just to “touch base .”

8. Consider using a third party to dig up information in order to determine if your prospect is telling you the truth .

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