Embrace the Close Instead of Fearing It

by | Jan 16, 2014 | Sales Motiviation

By Jeff Beals

Ask an inexperienced sales professional to name the most difficult and stressful part of the sales process and the answer will likely be “the closing.”

Chances are the second most stressful part would be “overcoming objections.” That really shouldn’t be the case. For if you do everything right earlier in the process, objections are merely clarifying questions, and the close becomes an anticlimactic formality.

When you know what you’re doing, and you are confident in your abilities, objections and closings are just two steps in a long process.

Any salesperson can become worried about a deal not closing. After all, most people who sell for a living “eat only what they kill,” meaning that missed sales mean you’re not taking any money home. Every time you build a relationship with a prospect and establish trust, you’re opening yourself up. It hurts when a prospect says “no.” The fear of not making money and the risk of emotional pain together make some salespersons, especially inexperienced ones, nervous about overcoming objections and closing deals.

Sometimes you will be turned down by a prospect even when a fair amount of trust has been established. That can leave you feeling heartbroken. When a more experienced sales veteran hears such news, he or she responds carefully. Just because a prospect makes such a statement, it does not necessarily mean the deal is dead. You have to play your cards right and proceed skillfully.

You can actually seal the door shut by your reaction if you’re not careful. Defensive or “poor-me” responses make the situation uncomfortable for the prospect. Some salespersons actually react with anger. A prospect says “no” and the sales rep responds with, “How can you do that to me?” A salesperson who does that is indirectly attacking the prospect, telling him how stupid he is for making such a sorry decision. Salespersons who respond in such an unprofessional way end up driving a wedge between themselves and the prospect and essentially kill any hope of ever making a deal.

Relax. When you hear an objection or are gearing up to the close, keep everything in perspective. Remember to focus on what the prospect values, be your authentic self and plunge forward.

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