Putting Off Taking the Initiative Is the Ultimate Irony

by | Nov 27, 2013 | Sales Motiviation

By Jeff Beals

“Success depends in a very large measure upon individual initiative and exertion, and cannot be achieved except by a dint of hard work.” Those words come from Anna Pavlova, a Russian dancer, who as the first ballerina to tour the world, was a superstar in the early 1900s.

The late Steven Covey, one of America’s most famous leadership theorists, once said, “Employers and business leaders need people who can think for themselves – who can take initiative and be the solution to problems.”

Long before Covey’s and Pavlova’s times, one of the greatest Americans in history, Ben Franklin, said, “Plough deep while sluggards sleep.”

History has proven that successful people are always on the move. They get things done when they need to be done. Successful people are not afraid to keep working when less accomplished people are taking time off.

Attaining your definition of success requires you to take the initiative, to be a self-starter. Nobody else can do the heavy lifting required for you to reach the pinnacle of your existence. Sure, you need to delegate and engage the talents of others, but it’s up to you to actually make your goals happen.

Don’t wait for opportunities to present themselves to you. That’s too passive. It makes you dependent on other people and external conditions you can’t control. Instead, be assertive. Go out into the world and make your own opportunities. Create your own luck.

In today’s hyperactive world, there is no room for passivity. That’s unfortunate, because most of us have a tendency to procrastinate. How ironic would it be if you put off taking the initiative? Don’t procrastinate. Take the initiative and set yourself up for long-term career and life success.

Jeff Beals is a professional speaker and award-winning author, who helps professionals enjoy greater success through effective sales, marketing and personal branding techniques. He delivers energetic and humorous keynote speeches and workshops to audiences worldwide. To discuss booking a presentation, go to JeffBeals.com or email at info@jeffbeals.com.

Jeff Beals helps you find better prospects, close more deals and capture greater market share. He is an international award-winning author, sought-after keynote speaker, and accomplished sales consultant. He delivers compelling speeches and sales-training workshops worldwide. He has spoken in 5 countries and 41 states. A frequent media guest, Jeff has been featured in Investor’s Business Daily, USA Today, Men’s Health, Chicago Tribune and The New York Times.

To discuss booking a presentation, go to JeffBeals.com or send an email to info@jeffbeals.com.

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