Sales Advice: You Can’t Afford to Be Out-Hustled

by | Mar 17, 2015 | Sales Motiviation

By Jeff Beals

Work-life balance is critically important, but ultimately success in sales still requires hard work. To reach the pinnacle of your industry, you most likely have to work harder, smarter and more creatively than your competition.

You can’t afford to be out-hustled by the competition. There’s always a lot at stake.

Here are eight ways to keep you hustling and on the right track to successful selling:

  1. At the company level, there needs to be a full commitment to marketing and selling. Some companies are “selling organizations.” Others don’t put enough focus on the attraction and development of new clients.
  2. Being successful requires diligence. Things fall apart quickly when you avert your focus.
  3. Successful organizations think about marketing and selling 365 days a year. Same thing applies to individual salespeople who want to be in the top 10 percent.
  4. Serious professionals are willing to do whatever it takes to seal the deal. If necessary, they take extraordinary measures to win a prospect’s favor. Despite this commitment, however, they never cut ethical corners.
  5. Avoid being a “situational salesperson,” someone who only excels as long as they are in their comfort zone. A situational salesperson struggles when things change suddenly or unexpected external events occur. Be ready and willing to adapt to a shifting playing field.
  6. To stay relevant in your business, keep up with the times. Don’t resist the change-forces that are bigger than you.
  7. Think the way your clients think. Your client determines what is valuable, not you.
  8. Passion is required to succeed at the highest levels, so make sure you work in a field you truly enjoy. It’s much easier to get up in the morning if you love selling what you sell.

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