Selling You Softly

by | Feb 6, 2014 | Sales Motiviation

By Jeff Beals

In the majority of cases, in the vast majority of businesses, hard selling simply does not work. Thank God! One of the reasons so many people fear a career in sales is the disdain they have for the hard sell. Don’t worry, because chances are good that hard selling is actually counter- productive. One of the most liberating messages I can provide you is that selling softly works better than beating your prospect’s head against the wall.

Although you want to avoid hard selling, that’s not to say you should be passive and meek. On the contrary, you must be persuasive in your communication and persistent in your effort. Just don’t be obnoxious and overbearing. Nobody should be the type of salesperson who would appear in a Saturday Night Live parody.

Effective sales professionals climb the relationship ladder. They are interested in people and focused on providing valuable solutions. They are buying coaches. They are transaction facilitators who guide prospects to those products and services that provide the best value and solve the biggest problems. When you focus on coaching and facilitating your prospects, the hard sell is not necessary; in fact, it would feel very foreign and out of place if you tried it.

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