Want to Be Successful in Sales? Observe the Masters

by | Sep 25, 2015 | Sales Motiviation

By Jeff Beals

If your company or industry lacks the time and resources for or commitment to sales training, you should at least consider a strong mentoring program in which new salespersons are matched with successful veterans.

If you’re a leader in such an organization, take the initiative to set up mentoring relationships. If you’re a new or young salesperson is such a company, make it a priority to find a mentor.

In some industries, the mentor-mentee relationship actually works more effectively than traditional training. Mentorship also appeals more to the action-oriented person who can’t stand sitting in a conference room listening to the blathering of scripted sales trainers.

There are countless examples of young/new sales professionals who have thrived thanks to the tutelage of an experienced colleague.

Observing a master sales professional firsthand is probably a better learning experience than anything you can glean from a book or webinar. Mentoring relationships are powerful in any company and in any industry.

Even if your company doesn’t offer a formal mentoring program, you can always seek out an informal one on your own. Mentorships are also advantageous for veteran salespersons as well. Serving as a mentor sharpens your own skills and causes you to reflect on what you are doing and how you might be able to do it better. Furthermore, serving as a mentor can reenergize a career that has become too boring and routine.

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