Winning Over Influencers and Turning Them into Something More

by | Dec 10, 2013 | Sales Motiviation

By Jeff Beals

Not all influencers are champions and not all champions are influencers, but often one person can play both roles.

Influencers and champions play such important roles in the sales effort that savvy professionals work hard to identify them and manipulate them. Sales pros can win over influencers, but they have to create champions.

What’s the difference between the two terms? Quite a bit, even though they often work hand-in-hand.

An influencer is someone who helps a prospect make decisions and often sways that decision. The influencer is someone special or important in the prospect’s life to whom he or she turns for advice, guidance and sometimes even accountability. Some influencers are neutral and objective, preferring to play a listening and counseling role, helping prospects come to their own decisions. Other influencers have definite opinions and try to talk the prospect into making a certain buying decision.

Champions are biased by definition. They champion a cause or organization in which they believe. They are advocates. They are cheerleaders. They endorse and give testimony for those they believe in. For many possible reasons, they are loyal to one company above all its competitors.

The more champions you have, the more successful you’ll be in whatever you are trying to accomplish. Sales professionals need specific strategies for developing and deploying champions as well as how to identify and win over influencers. When you encounter an influencer, you want to turn them into a champion. If you can get the person who influences the buying decision, especially if the influencer is particularly influential, to become your raving fan, your chances of landing the business are outstanding.

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