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by | Mar 9, 2015 | Sales Motiviation

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By Jeff Beals

Regardless of your career field, you have a personal brand, a reputation that must be carefully maintained and vigorously promoted. No matter how modest you are, sometimes you have to toot your own horn.

Professionals must promote their personal brands to be noticed in a competitive world. Whether you’re striving to bag your biggest client ever, positioning yourself for a promotion or just trying to make a difference in your community, one thing is for sure: You have to stand out. There is no room for shrinking violets in today’s world; successful people are bold.

We now work in a global economy in which people, jobs and capital move freely all over the world. In a split second, your job can be eliminated and your life turned upside down. Furthermore, the products and services we provide have become commoditized. Your wares, even if they are intellectual in nature, are unfortunately seen as commodities by too many would-be buyers.

No matter how good you are, there’s probably some professional out there who can do your work even better. No matter how innovative your company is, there’s a competitor out there that is doing things you and your colleagues have not yet developed. People do business with people.

That’s why the art of self marketing (also known interchangeably as “personal branding”) is so important. If you’re a self marketer, you have little to fear.

Someone who has built a well-known name, a great reputation and community/industry goodwill can bounce back quickly when something goes wrong. As a good self marketer, people will want to meet with you. They will actually return your calls and go out of their way to recommend you to others.

You have sole ownership of your personal brand, but it comes with a burden. You bear the responsibility for building that brand, shaping it and promoting it to the general public.

As a self marketer, you can recruit the services of others, but the responsibility to carry out a marketing strategy is ultimately yours.

Building a bigger and better image is not easy, but anyone with at least a moderate level of talent and intelligence can do it. You can create the personal brand you really want. Be committed to it and don’t let other people or any haunting feelings of self doubt stand in your way. Self marketers have to stick their necks out and take a little risk. Not only is it worth the risk, but establishing a well-known personal brand is essential in our competitive economy.

Today’s marketplace is noisier than ever. It’s hard to stand out. Successful people know how to promote their brands in this big, loud and sometimes intimidating world. If you are ready to enjoy the increased opportunities and higher levels of success that come from self marketing, go ahead and download this quick-reading, 20-page free eBook:  

Self Marketing Power 101: Personal Branding Secrets You Can Implement Right Now

Jeff Beals helps you find better prospects, close more deals and capture greater market share. He is an international award-winning author, sought-after keynote speaker, and accomplished sales consultant. He delivers compelling speeches and sales-training workshops worldwide. He has spoken in 5 countries and 41 states. A frequent media guest, Jeff has been featured in Investor’s Business Daily, USA Today, Men’s Health, Chicago Tribune and The New York Times.

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